Our History

55 years ago, when the development of Guanacaste was just beginning and the Interamericana Highway was still a paved trail, was born in Liberia, as a resting place, gathering and a starting, “El Hotel y Restaurante El Bramadero“. Unique in the way from the northern border to San Jose. It was the first hotel and stop for travelers, a place to return.

In the 1940s, when plan to build Interamericana Highway began, emerge the idea to buy this land and build the hotel and restaurant to fill the need for all travelers that would transit this road. In 1958, the hotel was born with 12 rooms and a small restaurant.

Because of its location to the side of the road, it was called Motel. With the passage of time and the traffic of the road, about ten years later, 7 rooms were built and so on until today.

The company has established itself as a family business that provides its services with warm hospitality.

  • Strategic Location

    Our strategic location allows you to move easily to different destinations

  • Pool

    Pool inside hotel.

  • Restaurante

    Our cuisine is known for its long history, the consistency and quality of the dishes.